The crew

Hi Friends, we are Mitxel & Olga and we would like to share with you a little part of our story: we hope you enjoy it and come to sail with us in the future!


Some years ago, still being inexperienced sailors, we chartered a cabin at a boat crossing from Mahon, Balearics to Lefkas in Greece. 900 nm and two weeks later we decided that was what we want to do in the future. Shortly after that, we bought our first boat ‘Karaboujan 2’, a 45 years old Dufour Arpege and we start learning how to really sail by ourselves. Meanwhile, Mitxel started studying his Nautical Degree (Master up to 500gt) and from 2014 we started a new professional career. We left Basauri, our hometown next to Bilbao, to start this adventure along the Mediterranean.

Soon after, we found our second boat. She is a Dufour 43 Classic from 1999. At the beginning she needed lots of love, caring and hard work because her last owner barely sailed her, so the boat was moored at the port all the time. We had to do a lot of maintenance work and give her the best of us. Bit by bit and working hard we turned her into a very good and solid boat who sails really well and since 2017 we charter in Balearics (Ibiza and Formentera mainly) and try to make our passion for the sea our job as well, with no stress, far from traffic jams, noise and enjoying the sea as much as we can.



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